Sunday, July 03, 2005

My second-ever fan letter

About 8 years ago, I wrote my first fan letter, to Matthew Ferguson, star of such festival favorites as Eclipse, Un©ut, and Lilies, as well as such mainstream fare as the TV series La Femme Nikita.

Tonight, I wrote my second fan letter, this one to Peter Paige, Emmett Honeycutt on Showtime's Queer As Folk. QAF is in its final season, so I figured I'd better write while the front office is still forwarding fan mail. With a little luck, he might actually get it by Easter. Or maybe a little faerie magic will work its way across the web, and he'll find out about this blog entry.

When QAF was first announced, the ads rather prominently featured Randy Harrison, the young blond actor who plays "the twink." Randy is both highly photogenic and a pretty good actor besides, and it was Randy's name in my TiVo that brought the movie Bang Bang You're Dead to my attention, but it was a beautiful moment for me when I realized that I would rather run off to a faerie gathering with Emmett than go for a back-room tryst with Justin.

But Emmett's really old, like almost as old as I am! I'm in my 40s, so I'm supposed to make a fool of myself over men half my age, right? If not a dirty old man, I'm supposed to be at least the kindly older man who takes the garçon stupide under my wing, right? I know far more about Emmett Honeycutt than I do about Peter Paige, but I do believe that at least some of the inner light that comes sizzling out of Emmett is from the real Peter Paige underneath the script and costumes.

I also told Peter that one of my fantasies is to see him in person at the Q&A after his film (in any capacity he participates) screens at the Castro as part of the Frameline festival, with 1,400 screaming queens giving him a 10-minute standing ovation. Peter Paige is someone on whom I wish I could shower that kind of appreciation in person.

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  1. That fan-mail address:

    Peter Paige (Queer As Folk fanmail)
    c/o Showtime Customer Service
    1633 Broadway
    New York, NY 10019