Monday, June 30, 2014

Frameline 38 Reviews Coming Soon

The #Frameline38 San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival has wrapped up, complete with the after party and awards announcements. I will be posting full reviews of the 37 programs I attended in person, plus 4 that I was able to screen on DVD, plus any that I can get my hands on post-festival, over the next couple of weeks, but first I'm going to sleep in and enjoy a little outdoor sunshine before I plunge back into the blog.

Here is a partial full! list of the winners:
  • Audience Award, Best Feature: The Way He Looks (Hoje eu quero voltar sozinho), dir. Daniel Ribeiro
  • Audience Award, Best Documentary: Compared to What: The Improbable Journey of Barney Frank, dirs. Sheila Canavan and Michael Chandler
  • Audience Award, Best Short Film: Black is Blue, dir. Cheryl Dunye
  • Wells Fargo First Feature Award, Honorable Mention: Lilting (轻轻摇晃), dir. Hong Khaou
  • Wells Fargo First Feature Award: Something Must Break (Nånting måste gå sönder), dir. Ester Martin
  • Jury Award for Achievement in Documentary, Honorable Mention: Regarding Susan Sontag, dir. Nancy Kates
  • Jury Award for Achievement in Documentary: Kumu Hina, dirs. Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson
  • Frameline Volunteer of the Year Award for Best First Feature: Anita's Last Cha-cha, dir. Sigrid Bernardo

My personal prize for best surprise of a thoroughly strange but wonderfully fun film was You and the Night (Les rencontres d'après minuit), dir. Yann Gonzalez.

(Updated June 30 with full list of award winners)
(Note: the reviews of films are being backdated to June 30, to keep them all together on the site.)

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