Monday, June 25, 2012

Best Frameline Ever

Frameline36 has wrapped, the curtain has closed, and it has now been almost 24 hours since I set foot in a movie theatre! I am badly backlogged on reviews, but they will be trickling out over the next several days. I saw fewer films this year than in recent years, with only 31 in-theatre screenings, but either I picked extraordinarily well or this was a new high-water mark for quality LGBT films. I saw at least two films that I would consider “life-changing” (Call Me Kuchu and Facing Mirrors), and only one that I thought was really bad (Submerged Queer Spaces). I saw the films that received audience awards for best feature, best documentary, and best short, and I saw the film that got the jury prize for outstanding first feature, plus the runner up. Unfortunately, I missed the winner and runner up in the jury prize for outstanding documentaries, but still, it’s quite an improvement from some years where I saw almost none of the award winners.

I’ll try to get my handwritten notes from the festival transcribed here on the blog soon, but for this evening, I’m going to go revel in this curious thing called “sunshine” that is sometimes observed in the “outdoors.”

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