Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Want Your Love

I Want Your Love (feature film), dir. Travis Mathews, 2012, USA, 71 min.  [trailer]
Sunday 6/17, 9:30pm @ Castro, WANT17C

I Want Your Love
I Want Your Love was a short film in 2010 [Frameline 35; trailer] that has blossomed into a feature film, making its world première at Frameline 36. Jesse is a performance artist in San Francisco, being forced by economic pressures to move back to Ohio, not sure he wants to attend the going away party thrown by his best friend. Along the way, various people hook up with new friends — or with exes they’re not yet really over — and have deep conversations.

This is the way my friends talk (about their sex lives and in general), which isn’t terribly surprising since some of the players are acquaintances of mine and we run in similar circles. Although most of the film is scripted, the actors had significant input to ensure that their lines would ring true. It’s real sex (nothing simulated), but with a real story and mostly realistic situations. Definitely not your run-of-the-mill “grunt and thrust” porno film. Highly recommended.

Note: I Want Your Love contains explicit scenes of actual fucking and sucking and S.E.X.

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