Saturday, June 30, 2012

Look at Me Again (Olhe Pra Mim de Novo)

Look at Me Again (Olhe pra Mim de Novo), dirs. Kiko Golfman & Claudia Priscilla, 2011, Brazil, 72 min., in Brazilian Portuguese with English subtitles 
Saturday 6/16, 4:30 @ Roxie, LOOK16R

Olhe pra Mim de Novo
The title of this documentary, Olhe pra Mim de Novo, translates literally as Look at Me Anew. It is the personal story of a Brazilian transman (female-to-male transexual) named Syllvio Luccio, on a road trip around northeastern Brazil, talking to LGBTs, doctors, family, and others, telling his history. His parents and his daughter are evangelical Christians who are having a difficult time with his transition. More broadly, the region of Brazil where Syllvio lives boasts an arid, almost desert, climate, with a strong sense of machismo and rigid religious views but much less in the way of social graces. Syllvio himself describes the culture as “tacky and rude,” as an excuse for some of his own crass comments.

I found it difficult to remain engaged with Syllvio and his story, although in all fairness that was partly because the screening was in the stifling heat of the un-air-conditioned Roxie in the late afternoon on the hottest day of this year’s festival. Good but not great. Recommended.

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