Saturday, June 22, 2013


dik, dir. Christopher Stollery, 2011, Australia, 
Part of the “Fun in Boys’ Shorts” shorts program.
Also part of the “I Come from a Land Down Under” shorts program.

“I lik ribin tims dik”??
What’s a parent to do?
Six-year-old Andrew (Keilan Grace) comes home from school with a drawing he made. His parents, Robert (Patrick Brammall, pictured) and Rachel (Alexa Ashton) aren’t quite sure what to make of the title Andrew gave his drawing. Their conversation continues later that evening, taking a few unexpected turns as they revisit bits of their own lives in an effort to understand and support their son. The result is quite cute and hilariously funny. Definitely a Must See. (dik won the audience award for best short at Frameline37.) Tagline: Don’t take it the wrong way!

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