Saturday, June 29, 2013

Out Here: A Queer Farmer Film Project

Out Here: A Queer Farmer Film Project, dir. Jonah Mossberg, 2013, USA, 72 min. 
Lovely, dir. Jennifer Maurer, 2012, USA, 17 min.  [click “Read more” below]
Saturday, June 29, 1:30 pm @ Victoria

As the small family farms of the 18th and 19th centuries gradually give way to the giant factory farms of the 20th and 21st, there is a small but notable counter-trend of small groups returning to the land and finding niche markets. These new farmers include new immigrants, women, people of color, and all flavors of queer people. Perhaps surprisingly, in many rural farming communities, the folks who have been doing this for generations are more pleased to see someone (anyone) carrying on the work of the land, than concerned about their other unaccustomed ways. Increasingly, though, small farms are sprouting and flourishing in or near big cities. Out Here: A Queer Farmer Film Project visits a smattering of farms from the Bronx and West Philly to rural Kansas and Alabama to a tiny goat farm right here in Berkeley. It’s an engaging story of another facet of the diversity of our LGBT family, and, to borrow a line from Stephen Colbert, Out Here provides food for thought as it encourages us to give a thought for our food. Highly recommended.

Sr. Lucinda (L) visits Sr. Gertie
In Lovely, Sister Gertie in Wisconsin has discovered the Internet, chatting online with Sister Lucinda in Brooklyn. Then Sr. Lucinda comes for an unexpected visit, drawing Sr. Gertie from picking apples and making cheese to dancing and pondering other things of which the Pope would certainly not approve. It’s cute in an over-the-top campy sort of way, but I couldn’t help feeling that, having never been Catholic, I missed some of the inside references. Recommended.

Out Here (documentary) • not listed on IMDb • Official website
Lovely (fiction) • IMDb pageOfficial website

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