Friday, June 21, 2013

The Go Doc Project

The Go Doc Project, dir. Cory Krueckeberg, 2013, USA, 100 min. 
Friday, June 21, 9:30 pm @ Victoria

Back in 2008, I was utterly entranced by the magnificent Were the World Mine (available on DVD and Amazon instant video), directed by Tom Gustafson, produced by Cory Krueckeberg, and starring Tanner Cohen. I saw Were the World Mine at Toronto’s InsideOut festival, and twice more at Frameline32, before buying the DVD. This year, Gustafson and Krueckeberg traded jobs, but kept the lovely, charming, and fabulously talented Tanner Cohen as their star. Sadly, there are no choreographed rugby team drills this time, but the results are still wonderful.

Cohen plays “Doc,” a grad student who concocts a documentary about a go-go boy (Matthew Camp), partly just as an excuse to meet him, because Doc is neurotic enough to do Woody Allen proud. He objectifies Go, but feels guilty about it, doesn’t want anyone else objectifying Go, and then begins to have genuine feelings for him — of course, freaking him out further. It’s twentysomething gayboy angst to the nth degree. Go, naturally, turns out to be much more complicated than the one-dimensional first impression of a go-go boy hustler, living up to his tagline of “Fake it till you feel it.” The whole film is suffused with a heady mix of emotion, humor, and sexy eye candy. Definitely a Must See!

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