Sunday, June 30, 2013

Frameline 37: That’s a Wrap!

Ten days and eleven nights, a total of 38 screenings, plus one on my TiVo thanks to HBO. It’s taken longer to get all this fabulosity up on the blog than it took to watch the actual festival, but I’m finally all caught up. I saw some life-changingly wonderful films, and only one pure stinker. Partly from being a little less adventurous in my selections this year (just say NO!! to “experimental” films), partly from having some years back shed my inhibition about walking out of a film I really don’t like, but mostly from the strong upward trajectory of all corners of queer cinema, the average quality of the works I saw was impressive. I’ll just wrap up with a couple of cross-reference postings, and then begin my long winter’s hibernation until it is again time to spend the sunniest days of the year cooped up in a darkened movie theater.

Frameline award-winners:
  • Best Feature Film (audience award): Reaching for the Moon
  • Best Documentary (audience award): The New Black (not reviewed)
  • Best Short Film (audience award): dik
  • Best First Feature (jury prize): Out in the Dark; honorable mention: Concussion
  • Outstanding Documentary (jury prize): Valentine Road (not reviewed); honorable mentions: The New Black (not reviewed), Big Joy
My own favorites:
One other odd little sidebar: I only saw one program at the Roxie this year, an all-time low for me, and only five at the Victoria. That means that 32 of the 38 screenings I attended were at the Castro, and that’s only partly because of its monopoly on the weekday afternoon screenings.

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