Saturday, June 22, 2013


Spooners, dir. Bryan Horch, 2012, USA, 14 min., in English with English subtitles 
Part of the “Fun in Boys’ Shorts” shorts program

It’s a good thing Spooners was subtitled, because it was difficult to hear the dialogue over the audience’s sustained laughter. In what was possibly the strongest “Fun in Boys’ Shorts” collection ever, Spooners stood out as the best of the best. Corey (Ben Lerman) and Nelson (Walter Replogle) are a gay couple who have grown tired of their lumpy old futon, meaning it’s time to visit Drowzy’s Mattress World, a place that would feel right at home in any suburban strip mall. Nelson, though, is embarrassed to shop with his husband for a mattress, so he goes by himself to Drowzy’s. The salesman invites him to try out the SmartBed™ to help him choose, but the SmartBed™ asks more and more personal questions as a crowd of shoppers gathers to look on. My pick for best short of Frameline37, definitely a Must See.

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  1. Thanks for the great review, Film Queen! "Fun in Boys Shorts" was also my favorite program and audience of all this summer- Bryan Horch