Saturday, May 24, 2008

Berated Woman

An Orthodox Jewish woman is having trouble fitting in with the "Stepford Wives" around her. Her blonde-haired, devoutly Christian neighbour leaves helpful videotapes explaining her transgressions and politely threatening to take legal action for violations of the Cavendish town charter. Oddly, the protagonist is drawn to her, with dark and dirty fantasies of the two of them together, and she is willing to go to almost any length to get close to her. Top quote:
[blonde]: I hold personal congress with Jesus.

[other neighbour]: On Thursday nights, by the bird bath.
Funny and well done, highly recommended.

Berated Woman, dir. Anya Meksin, USA 2008, 14 min. video

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  1. Thank you for the kind endorsement! I think this is officially my first review :)

  2. I love the movie. Thank you fo review.