Thursday, May 15, 2008

InsideOut: Films I've Already Seen

[originally posted 2008-05-20 11:16 AM; posting time altered to move it to the beginning of the InsideOut listings]

I'm still doing the InsideOut LGBT film festival in Toronto, Canada. I'm lagging a little behind on posting my reviews, owing to some cranky WiFi, but I wanted to mention a few films in the festival that I saw and reviewed at Frameline festival in San Francisco last year. I'll give you my summary evaluation here, with a link to the full reviews.

Shelter, so good I saw it again here. NOTE: InsideOut has added an additional screening, Sat. 24 May, 4:45 PM, R.O.M., in the time slot originally scheduled for With Gilbert & George, which was cancelled. Tickets are now available. If you missed this one the first time, go see it on Saturday!

This Kiss, so boring I walked out the first time, but not horrible. Not recommended.

Vivere, I can only hope that some of you here in Toronto saw my review and were thus spared suffering through any part of this film. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

You Belong to Me, definitely one for a narrow audience.

Le Weekend [short in "Some of My Best Friends Are," Tuesday 7:30pm R.O.M.], haven't seen this one, but here's another short from the same director, Timothy Smith.

41 Seconds (41 Sekunden) [short in "SoMBFA"], very well done, recommended.

The Best Men [short in "SoMBFA"], very well done all around, highly recommended.

Working It Out [short in "Going Down, Under," Thursday 5:15pm Is. Bader], worth seeing, recommended.

Prada Handbag [short in "GD,U"], an audience favorite, I found it dreary and tedious. I can't recommend it, but it has won awards.

eddie [short in "What It Feels Like for a Girl," Thursday 9:45pm R.O.M.], a well-written and well-made challenge to the gender binary; highly recommended.

Do the Math [short in "Every Picture Tells a Story," Friday 5:15 R.O.M.], annoying — unless you're ... really into that ... spo-o-o-o-o-o-o-ken worrrrrd cadence. Not recommended.

The Witnesses (Les témoins), Friday 9:45 Is. Bader, a bit contrived, but a visually stunning presentation of a compelling story. Highly recommended.

25 Cent Preview, Friday 10:00pm, Cinecycle, some interesting passages, but not enough. Not recommended.

Color Me Olsen [part of "I Think We're Alone Now," Saturday 2:15pm R.O.M.], wonderful over-the-top farce, highly recommended.

Lez Be Friends, Saturday 7:30pm R.O.M., please, please, get these people a TV deal, or at least a DVD! Funny enough even for a straight audience. Highly recommended.

Police Box [part of "Hide and Seek," Saturday 9:45pm R.O.M.], cute and funny, definitely worth seeing.

Stealth (Commes des voleurs [à l'est]), Sun. 7:30pm R.O.M., even worse than Lionel Baier's first piece of crap, Garçon Stupide, so bad that Baier doesn't even get a third chance. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. In particular, if you can't get tickets for XXY, just go home.

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