Saturday, May 24, 2008

The World Unseen

The setting is Cape Town, South Africa, 1952. Near the height of the apartheid era, black South Africans are not even second-class citizens: they are third-class citizens. The middle slot is taken by "Coloureds," a designation encompassing mixed-race individuals and also South Asians. Unfortunately, the Indian men treat their own women, including their own wives, little better than the white police treat the black townspeople. Enter Amina, a free-spirited young café proprietress with a preference for slacks and a shirt over a dress and a skirt, and her friends. She meets Miriam, a traditional Indian housewife, and the two feel an electricity between them. I had to skip out on the last few minutes of the film to catch a train, but the first 90% is beautiful and at the same time infuriating and depressing. Highly recommended, but don't expect a comedy.

The World Unseen, dir. Shamim Sarif, South Africa/UK 2007, 96 min. 35mm (on video)

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  1. One of the best Lesbian films I've seen. (Yes, even Gay men have Favorite Lesbian movies!)

  2. As a lesbian (who has several favorite "gay" movies, I must agree with you here! Quite a gem.

  3. As a sentient being, who has seen films ermm also a lesbian...i know lesbian films are often *not* the best, this cant possibly be the best lesbian film youve seen? I cant imagine the word gem would *ever* cross my lips. Im not sure if its the lack of acting skills, lack of writing skills but really...a gem?

    *pinches self to make sure Im still awake and not having some strange dream where I read this comment...*

    The blogs greats though a brilliant resource, than you