Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Andrea, a man from Genova, Italy (a.k.a. Genoa in English), drops an e-mail to his online buddy Mark in Dallas, to let him know he's coming for a weekend visit. Trouble is, the buddy in Dallas died in a car accident, and his best friend Jeff is left to tell the would-be visitor the bad news. Andrea decides to come to Dallas anyway to meet Jeff and see the mementos of Mark's life. There were several passages where I felt painfully aware that the dialogue was scripted, including in some of the "spontaneous" moments. The music was at times ponderous, and the slow pace of the film seems intent on mirroring Jeff's grief. However, the story is emotionally rich; it tries and mostly succeeds at drawing the viewer in. Recommended.

Ciao, dir. Yen Tan, USA 2008, 87 min. video, in English and Italian with English subtitles

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