Sunday, May 18, 2008


College boy Tyler takes his pal Chase (Charlie David, writer/director/actor, a.k.a. Toby on Dante's Cove) with him to spend the summer with his family at their summer house by the lake. The pal doesn't seem to be able to get laid, but doesn't to be trying — in fact, he turns away from some blatantly sexual female attention. Finally, the pal comes out of the closet. That makes a few ripples in the lake, but the big splashes are yet to come. It feels a little bit soap operatic at times, but mercifully far less so than Dante's Cove. (In fact, it makes me wonder if Charlie David shouldn't have been given more of the reins at the Cove.) Some finessed, nuanced performances, especially by David's foil, Dan Payne, as college boy's father, make this one far more than eye candy to sell detergent. Highly recommended.

Mulligans, dir. Chip Hale, Canada 2008, 92 min. video

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  1. I agree - highly recommended. Finally a gay flic that has a great script, solid cast and is cinematically impressive. You should see it.