Friday, May 16, 2008

Out at the Wedding

New York City girl Alex has to sneak away from her new fiancé to attend her sister's wedding in South Carolina, because she's told the fiancé that her entire family is dead. When she arrives at the wedding, the gay friend she brought along makes a clumsy attempt at coming out, inadvertently leaving the other guest with the impression that it's Alex who's gay. When the sister wants to come to NYC to meet the new girlfriend, the lies and half-truths pile up into a trainwreck that we can only watch with detached amusement. As Alex says at one point, "It was one of the most real conversations I've had with my family — even if it was all lies...." Bitingly funny, well paced, tightly written, well played, and in all respects a joy to watch.

Out at the Wedding, dir. Lee Friedlander, 2007 USA, 96 min. video

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  1. I saw this a Frameline last year. I thought it was lots of fun.