Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Here we go!

The Frameline 41 International LGBTQ Film Festival — the oldest, the biggest, and the best queer film festival — begins in less than 24 hours… I’m about to notch two dozen advance reviews, with more to come, tonight, tomorrow, and as I have spare time during the week. I changed the dates on the first few reviews so that they will all be grouped together under “June 2017,” but you can also look for the #Frameline41 tag. I have tags for various categories like shorts program, documentary, Must See, and World Premiere, among others. This year, my ratings are on an Emoji scale, with sparkle heart 💖at the top, followed by clapping 👏 hands, thumbs 👍 up, neutral 😐 face, thumbs 👎 down, and (hopefully remaining unused!) 💣💤💩😵 or other expressions of revulsion. So far this year, “must see” is easily outnumbering “not recommended,” which bodes well for the rest of the festival.

I expect to attend about 25 to 30 screenings in the festival proper, and have hopefully about the same number of reviews from “screeners” by the time all is said and done. I will also be Tweeting (@FilmQueenReview — notice that there’s no S at the end). Leave comments here on the blog, on Twitter, Facebook and/or Messenger.

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