Friday, June 02, 2017

The Feels

The Feels
The Feels (feature), dir. Jenée Lemarque, 2017 USA, 88 min. 👏
Friday, June 16, 9:15pm, Victoria Theatre: Bay Area Premiere

Andi and Lu are getting married, so they decide to have a bachelorette weekend in the Wine Country. They have a hot tub, a variety of intoxicants, a token male human being, and a lot to talk about: one of the brides-to-be reveals that she has never had an orgasm, not even with her fiancée, opening up all sorts of insecurities in the relationship and bringing out an assortment of secrets from the rest of the group. It’s a well made drama with genuine emotion and excellent production values. It's clearly intended primarily for an audience of lesbians, and secondarily other women, but even gay men will find something relatable in this coterie of friends. Highly recommended for all audiences, very highly recommended for lesbians.

Although this is technically only the Bay Area premiere, its world premiere will be on June 9th, so we’re still getting it fresh. • IMDb page

(Note: This is the lesbian feature film The Feels, not to be confused with the men’s short film The Feels, Almost, which is screening in the “Flirting with Disaster” shorts program.)

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