Wednesday, June 21, 2017

More than T

More than T, dir. Silas Howard, 2017 USA, 54 min.👏
Sunday, June 18, 4:00 p.m., Victoria Theatre: WORLD PREMIÈRE
More than T
This documentary is a sequence of seven short episodes, each about a prominent trans rights advocate, including Mia Yamamoto, a lawyer who was born in a Japanese internment camp in World War II; Louis Mitchell, an African-American transman who is now a minister in a predominantly white, cis-gendered congregation; and Gizelle Messina (pictured), who found acceptance and a platform for helping others working at MAC Cosmetics. Each individual tells their own story, many of them both historically interesting and emotionally moving. Highly recommended.

(Note/mea culpa: I initially was confused by the lack of connection from one segment to the next, but I was watching it as a single documentary, when in fact it is seven short episodes. Each episode stands on its own, profiling one noteworthy individual.)

• IMDb page (director Silas Howard) • trailer • premieres on Showtime, Friday, June 23 •

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