Sunday, June 11, 2017

QWOCFF: The Revival: Women and the Word

The Revival: Women and the Word by Sekiya Dorsett, 2016 USA, 78 min. 💖
Queer Women of Color Film Festival 2017 Centerpiece Screening
Saturday, June 10, 4:00pm, Brava Theater
The Revival: Women and the Word
Be Steadwell
Yaani Supreme (formerly Jade Foster)
Eli Turner
Jonquille (“Solsis”) Rice • Instagram: @Dappho
t’ai freedom ford
Jade Foster (now known as Yaani Supreme) recruited four other poets, musicians, and artists (pictured above) to do a tour with gigs modeled after the literary salons of decades past. They did a Kickstarter campaign for seed money, then piled into a minivan and drove to big cities like Brooklyn and Washington and small towns like Oberlin, Ohio, putting themselves out there because, as one of them says in the film, “Queer women of color need to be seen as powerful beings.” All five of them, plus guest performers at various of the gigs, have things to say, and the world needs to hear them. Their words have rhyme, rhythm and soul, eloquent evocative imagery and powerful expression of down-to-earth real-life experience. The performances we see excerpted in the film are formidable, and the process of the tour is illuminating, from highs like a groupie who follows the tour from one city to another to lows like a couple with a Confederate flag who go for their guns and call the cops because there are African Americans near their home. This film is queer women of color telling the story of queer women of color telling us in their own words about their own lives. Definitely a MUST SEE.

• IMDb page (director) • official websiteFrameline 40 write-upofficial trailer • Instagram: @TheRevivalMovie

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