Thursday, June 15, 2017

Second chances: shorts that run twice in Frameline 41

The Frameline 41 LGBTQ film festival has a dozen programs of short films, plus a half dozen more programs in the new category of “Episodics,” serial dramas and documentary series, mostly web-based, presenting a whole season worth of episodes at a time in most of these screenings. It is not always possible to pigeonhole a short film into just one category, so several of them appear in two of the shorts programs. Here is your guide to the short films you have two chances to see:
Britney-holics Anonymous:
a Spear-itual Awakening
Fun in Boys Shorts
Bi Candy
Brown GirlsBrown Girls (all 7 episodes)
Fun in Girls Shorts (episode 4 only)
Realness & Revelations
Étage XThe Devil is in the Details
Fun in Girls Shorts
More Love, Less
Prepackaged Bullshit
Realness & Revelations
Bi Candy
Up Close & Personal
Al otro lado /
The Other Side
Realness & Revelations
Worldly Affairs
Up Close & Personal
Walk for MeRealness & Revelations

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