Saturday, June 25, 2005

The D Word

I'm a big fan of The L Word, Showtime's original series about L-esbians in L-osangeles. The D Word provides a somewhat different view of D-ykes in D-newyorkcity. (Don't worry — their spoof is much funnier than this review.) Marga Gomez is enchanting as always (Babaloo!), and the whole thing comes together beautifully. I hope that the D Word folks and the L Word folks can work out the legalities of giving this wonderful parody a wide release, 'cause I want the DVD for my collection.

THE D WORD, dir's Cherien Dabis, Noelle Brower & Maggie Burkle, 2005 USA, 56 min. video, web site: The D Word — watch for Season 2, hoping to hit the web soon!

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