Friday, June 24, 2005

Healing Sex

Staci Haines, herself a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, has studied somatic (mind/body) therapy and other therapeutic frameworks, creating a practice in which she offers one-on-one sessions and workshops to help participants heal from past sexual abuse and move towards the pleasurable and healthy sex life we all deserve. In the film Healing Sex, Haines combines recreated workshops (using actors to protect the privacy of actual participants), educational segments, and testimonials from abuse survivors, to create a powerful guide for healing from sexual abuse, although the techniques can also be applied to a wide range of traumatic experiences.

The film is not easy to watch, because most people find it immensely powerful emotionally, but it is worth the effort. Watching the film on DVD offers the advantage of taking individual segments of the program separately, skipping or repeating segments or taking a break according to your individual needs. Additionally, purchase of the DVD benefits Generation Five, a non-profit devoted to ending child sex abuse within five generations.

HEALING SEX, dir. Shar Rednour, 2004 USA, 120 min. video, distribution: Jackie Strano at S.I.R. Productions

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