Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Guys and Balls / Männer Wie Wir

Another German sports movie! I'm usually more into "Le Coq" and less into "Sportif," but, despite a slow beginning (almost walked out about half an hour in), I found the ending quite worth having stayed. Ecki is the goalie for his hometown local-league soccer team. His teammates and neighbors blame him for losing a crucial match; in his drunken haze after the game, he kisses one of his teammates. The combination of the two transgressions gets him booted off the team, so he decides to form a gay team to take on his old team in a grudge match. I won't give away the specifics, but I loved many things about the final match, including the cheerleaders and the way that the gay team counterbalances the straight boys' efforts to "queer the pitch."

GUYS AND BALLS (MÄNNER WIE WIR), dir. Sherry Horman, 2004 Germany, 106 min. 35mm, in German with English subtitles, distribution: Regent Releasing

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