Sunday, June 19, 2005

Prom Night

For the last 11 years, queer youth have organized a prom in Hayward, California. The story has a particularly personal resonance for me: way back in 1987, I organized a queer youth dance (we didn't use the word "prom," because we weren't nearly that fancy) in San José, California.

The obvious question is, who on earth is harmed by a bunch of youth dressing up and wearing corsages and getting photos and dancing to whatever those wacky kids call "music" nowadays?

The obvious answer, eloquently expressed in this film, is NO ONE! Congratulations to the LYRIC Prom on its 10th anniversary (in the film) and its 11th anniversary (a few days ago).

PROM NIGHT, dir's Ilsa Bertolini & Stephanie Miller, 2005 USA, 33 min. video.

Not yet listed in IMDB.

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