Saturday, June 25, 2005

Garçon Stupide

Loïc is a strikingly beautiful but not terribly bright young man in Switzerland, near the lakeside city of Lausanne. By day he works in a chocolate factory; by night, he flits from trick to trick, desperately feigning interest in various sophisticated topics. Unfortunately, the eye candy (and glorious eye candy it is) isn't enough to redeem the film. I never found any real insight into Loïc's character, nor into any of the other people in his life. Loïc seems to be a garçon stupide (stupid boy) despite his best efforts to be something more than a very, very, very pretty face. I also have to wonder if it is coïncidence that the older man who seems to see Loïc's inner beauty, shares the name Lionel with the filmmaker.

GARÇON STUPIDE, dir. Lionel Baier, 2004 Switzerland, 96 min. video, in French with English subtitles, distribution: Picture This! Entertainment

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