Friday, June 17, 2005

Three Dancing Slaves / Le Clan

Well, the Frameline festival was purring along beautifully. I had thoroughly enjoyed all the films. Then I went to see Three Dancing Slaves (Le Clan). I liked director Gaël Morel's work in Full Speed (À Toute Vitesse), and I'm a great fan of actor Stéphane Rideau (Christophe, the older brother), but this film provides an unfortunate example of the maxim that a film with no point is likely to be quite dull. The story is disjointed, wallowing in the despair and bleakness of the characters' lives while failing to give us any insight into them. Don't waste the hour and a half of your life on this film; hopefully it will be quickly forgotten as all involved move on to better things.

THREE DANCING SLAVES (LE CLAN), dir. Gaël Morel, 2004 France, 90 min., 35mm, in French with English subtitles, distribution: TLA Releasing

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