Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Two Moms: a Family Portrait

A lesbian couple adopts two children, but with a few unusual twists to the story. First, one of the moms is a judge in the High Court of Pretoria, South Africa, Anna-Marié Vos. (The other mom is an artist, Suzanne du Toit, who during the week manages their rural farm and takes care of the kids while Vos is in town presiding at court.) In 2001, the family challenged the South African adoption law, which only allowed for married couples or single individuals to adopt, and won the right for same-sex couples to adopt jointly.

TWO MOMS: A FAMILY PORTRAIT, dir's Luiz DeBarros & Andile Genge, 2004 South Africa, 48 min. video, distribution: Underdog Productions

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