Monday, June 18, 2007

A Four-Letter Word

Welcome back to the Gayborhood! Three years ago, Casper Andreas introduced the Gayborhood in Slutty Summer [now available on DVD]; he's back with some new characters in A Four-Letter Word. Luke is a flamboyant, sexually compulsive gym bunny, described by his friends as a gay cliché — which he is, at least at first glance. The film follows an arc similar to Luke's, progressing from visually appealing fluff into surprisingly deep emotional territory. Strongly recommended. Watch for this one on DVD, and hopefully in theatres.

One random tidbit: in one scene Luke is wearing a feather boa, explaining that it made quite a stir at his high school reunion. As it happens, I went back to my 20-year reunion, in Dallas, Texas, a month after 9/11, in full head-to-toe drag in the school colors. I'll tell you more about that story on my other blog, "The Third Path."

A Four-Letter Word, dir. Casper Andreas, 2007 USA, 87 min.

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screened with the short Alive and Well

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