Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tan Lines

Midget is a teenage surfer boy in an isolated small town in Australia. The claustrophobia is compounded by having to share a bed with his mother. Midget's best friend's brother Cass, who left town abruptly four years ago, has returned from wandering around Europe, defiantly open about his homosexuality, although not about the specific reasons for his departure. Midget and Cass fall into an affair, but Midget feels he has to keep it a secret from the town, and most especially from his surfer buddies. There are some downright bizarre elements to the plot — the shared bed and also the murky details of Midget's summer job, in particular — so Tan Lines requires a fair dollop of willful suspension of disbelief. However, most of the focus is on the relationship between Midget and Cass, and between Midget and his emerging sexual identity. Mostly well done; definitely worth seeing. Now available on DVD.

Tan Lines, dir. Ed Aldridge, 2006 Australia, 97 min.

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