Thursday, June 21, 2007

Through Thick & Thin

Through Thick & Thin is a documentary chronicling the struggles of several bi-national gay and lesbian couples trying to navigate the overtly hostile maze of the U.S. immigration bureaucracy. One couple wins the case, only to have the government attorney appeal. Another couple wins, only to have a new judge overturn his predecessor's ruling and re-open the deportation case. Some of the couples commute every several months, or emigrate together to a more civilized country (a category that now includes not only Canada and all of Europe, but even Brazil and probably soon Colombia). All of the couples feel the clock ticking away years of their lives. What unites all of the players is that they are striving to get permission from the government to live together in the same country, and the obstacles thrown at them are motivated purely by mean-spirited politics and religious bigotry. The good news is that there is a bill, the Uniting American Families Act (UAFA), currently working its way through Congress that would allow "family reunification" considerations to include same-sex couples. Go see this film, and try to get your Congressional representatives to see it.

Through Thick & Thin, dir. Sebastian Cordoba, 2006 Argentina, 75 min.

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