Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Man of My Life (L'Homme de sa vie)

Frédéric goes on vacation with his wife and family. He meets Hugo, staying in the cottage next door, who likes skinny-dipping and, more challenging to Frédéric, talks openly at dinner about being gay. Hugo doesn't believe in relationships, but has a series of men passing through his bedroom; Frédéric is jealous of the freedom, but argues for love and devotion. Frameline says, "With beautiful, expressive composition and stunning, sweeping images of the Rhône region of France as its backdrop, The Man of My Life is presented like a curious and enchanting summer's dream, weaving back and forth between scenes — some vivid, some fleeting, some coherent, some abstract — each bringing new insights as it raises new questions." Indeed, The Man of My Life is one of those French films that makes far better sense after a bottle of wine or a few bong hits. That said, it offers penetrating insight into the factors that drive some people to couple while others stay single. Highly recommended, especially if you're high when you see it.

The Man of My Life (L'Homme de sa vie), dir. Zabou Breitman, 2006 France, 114 min., in French with English subtitles

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