Monday, June 18, 2007

Tick Tock Lullaby

Two lesbians, a single woman, and a heterosexual couple pursue babymaking in the three tracks of Tick Tock Lullaby. The performances were all quite good, and the story was interesting. I'm not much interested in parenthood myself, so I wasn't drawn in, but it's worth seeing, especially if you are interested in the dilemmas of becoming a parent.

Tick Tock Lullaby, dir. Lisa Gornick, 2006 UK, 73 min.

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  1. I had high hopes for the film after reading the description of the main character Sacha but it was a disgrace. It suggested that the only way for a lesbian couple to concieve is to have sex with a man and this definitely is not the case. With one of it's characters 'sleeping aound' to get pregnant it failed to highlight the likelihood of contracting HIV or other STI's, which is of obvious concern to most intelligent people today. In my opinion it did nothing to explain what it is really like trying to get pregnant in the current climate. I was dissappointed with the weak characters, poor script and unbelievable plot. In my opinion, as a recovering alcoholic, work shy lesbian trying to get pregnant it is not worth seeing.