Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Francesca is the older child in a single-parent family. Her younger sister is a brat and her father is an asshole and a fuckwit. The sister up and runs away to Rotterdam on Christmas Eve, and Dad insists that Francesca give chase. Along the way, she picks up a passenger. I walked out of this film after about 35 minutes, because I honestly didn't give a flying fuck what happened to any of the characters. The only redeeming feature is that I didn't waste another hour-plus of my life on this dreadful film. If your lover of 50 years wants you to go see this film, that's a sign that you need to end the relationship. It's that bad.

Vivere, dir. Angelina Maccarone, 2007 Germany, 102 min., in German with English subtitles

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