Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rock Haven

Brady and his über-Christian mom move to the small town of Rock Haven, somewhere on the California coast (outdoor scenes filmed in Bodega Bay, north of San Francisco). He immediately notices the neighbor boy, Clifford, for whom he has feelings that don't square with the church's Levitican teachings. He struggles to come to terms with something he knows in his heart can't be wrong, no matter what the Bible says, finding support (and the lack of it) in surprising corners. In an ideal world, Brady would read Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, but instead he relies on a book of inspirational fiction, written by committee long after anyone alive in Christ's day passed on. The religiosity of the film was occasionally annoying for those of us who reject more than just Leviticus 18:22, but the interplay of the characters is sweet and charming. Highly recommended for Christians; recommended for others.

Rock Haven, dir. David Lewis, 2007 USA, 78 min.

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  1. The film score original soundtrack is available online at and also on iTunes. The composer is Jack Curtis Dubowsky, who also scored That Man: Peter Berlin and Under One Roof.

    Description: Composer Jack Curtis Dubowsky takes us on a deeply emotional ride with his intimate and honest score for the independent drama "Rock Haven", directed by David Lewis and distributed by TLA Releasing. The film recently had its world premiere at Frameline in June and will tour the festival circuit. Dubowsky, who has a versatile background working for composers such as Paul Chihara and Elliot Goldenthal and groups like Kiss and Megadeth, has crafted a beautiful acoustic score with emphasis on a small string ensemble and woodwind solos. A score that goes right into your heart!