Saturday, June 17, 2006

101 Must-See Movies for Gay Men

Alonso Duralde, Arts & Entertainment editor for The Advocate, has written a book entitled 101 Must-See Movies for Gay Men. At this year's Frameline festival, he presented a lecture with film clips highlighting a few of his picks.

I was surprised that I have not seen most of the films Duralde chose, from classics like Mommie Dearest and Dog Day Afternoon to more recent entries like Fight Club and Jackass. Although I appreciated the broad categories into which he grouped his films — for instance, Strong Women Who Fall Flat on Their Faces — I find that I have a very different sensibility for gay film than Alonso Duralde and most other gay men. Just for starters, I loathe Barbra Streisand's music and I hated What Ever Happened to Baby Jane. My taste in gay film runs much more to the current generation, just as long as they stay away from "experimental" or "non-linear narrative" or worse yet "non-narrative."

I would recommend seeing Alonso Duralde talk about gay film, although, of course, this particular presentation was a one-time deal.

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  1. You -hate- "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" !!!

    Oh, where did I go wrong?

  2. Hate, loathe, revile, detest....

    Couldn't stand it. Hated almost every single minute of it.