Thursday, June 22, 2006

School Boy Art

Franz dreams of being an artist. He attends a Portfolio Day, an opportunity to show his drawings to an art school admissions counselor. The counselor finds Franz's drawings of graffiti art intriguing, and offers him some help with more classical elements like figure drawing. They wind up in Franz's bedroom, where the counselor gives him a hand with more than just his art....

The filmmaker describes School Boy Art as a "short soft smut film," so be aware that it contains explicit sex; that said, it's mostly well done, the drawings are good, and the lead actor is adorable. The sex scene was a bit of a letdown, though, especially with the dramatically lower production values. Call me a tease, but I would rather have left off with the suggestion rather than showing the completion.

School Boy Art, dir. Erica Cho, 2004 USA, 12 min.

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