Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sissy Frenchfry

Sissy Frenchfry is the most popular and the most fabulous student at West Beach High School, but stinky winds of change are blowing. A new student, Bodey McDodey, arrives and makes it his mission to remake West Beach High in his own straight-acting image. He challenges Sissy — who ran unopposed for student council president three years in a row — in the election, takes over the quarterback position on the football team, and even dates a female cheerleader! His dad gives a fat check to the school board, but on condition that they eliminate some of the "gender-inappropriate" behavior in the school. Leslie Jordan, familiar to fans of Will & Grace, Boston Public, and Boston Legal, plays Principal Principle.

I found Sissy Frenchfry amusing, but unsatisfying. Most notably, I didn't get any visceral sense of the affection and admiration the school was supposed to have for the title character, I only saw the superficial indications.

Sissy Frenchfry, dir. J. C. Oliva, 2005 USA, 28 min.

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  1. Dear Lincoln,

    I appreciate your candor and your well-written critique of our short (especially "stinky winds of change are blowing" -- love that!). There is a feature-length version in the works. I'll be curious to see if you have the same criticism of the longer adaptation. Thanks for coming to the screening and for taking the time to review.