Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sun Kissed

Sun Kissed tells the story of a young writer setting up in a remote house in the desert near Palm Springs to finish his novel. A friend of the homeowner shows the writer what's where, and they wind up in bed. The friend has visions — not entirely clear whether they're flashbacks or dark fantasies — of killing his wife and of killing our young writer. Then things get really weird, with reality fracturing to the point that nothing in the plot, characters, or timeline can be taken as certain.

At its base, Sun Kissed seems to be a movie about schizophrenia from the point-of-view of the schizophrenic person. Unfortunately, it fails to build a bridge for those of us who are not schizophrenic to relate to the experience. At the end of the screening, not one single person in the audience applauded. Definitely far from the worst film I've seen this week, but not one I could recommend.

Sun Kissed, dir. Patrick McGuinn, 2006 USA, 92 min.

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