Saturday, June 24, 2006

Another Gay Movie

Todd Stephens brought us the splendid film Edge of Seventeen in 1998. When he was making his second feature, Gypsy 83, the distributors pressured him to "gay it up" a bit more. He released all of that pent-up gayness into his new project, Another Gay Movie. A glib description would be "the gay American Pie," but that doesn't even begin to cover it. Another Gay Movie harpoons the sacred cows (and mixed metaphors!) of teen movies and gay movies alike.

The setup: Andy (Michael Carbonaro), Jared (Jonathon Chase), Nico (Jonah Blechman), and Griff (Mitch Morris) are gay virgins in the summer between high school and college. They resolve to get laid by the end of summer. Their efforts are at turns surreal, hilarious, and wildly sexy. The sexy stuff covers an astonishing array of tastes, leaving almost anyone hot and bothered. Gay favorites Graham Norton and Scott Thompson, plus porn star Matthew Rush, "Survivor" Richard Hatch, and Lypsinka, all arrive on the scene.

Fabulous satire, fabulous comedy, fabulous props, fabulously sexy, and fabulously fabulous. Another Gay Movie will be playing in a limited theatrical release this summer, but it will be unrated, so it won't be at the shopping mall or the Baptist church fundraiser. Even if you have to drive hundreds of miles, go see this movie! You'll never see quiche lorraine the same way.

Another Gay Movie, dir. Todd Stephens, 2006 USA, 90 min.

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  1. Another Gay Movie is now available on DVD, complete with the usual array of DVD extras (deleted scenes, director/actor commentaries, etc.).