Thursday, June 22, 2006

Playtime / Amser Chwarae

Schoolchildren in Wales are required to learn at least a bit of the Welsh language, which is seeing a bit of a resurgence after centuries of decline and decades of near extinction. Of course, not all the children appreciate the cultural value of Welsh. In Playtime, the teacher in Welsh class finds himself unable to intervene to stop the verbal fag-bashing of one of his students.

This film is very well made and well acted, with the added bonus of music-video scenes by the Welsh rock group Estella. Cymru Rhydd!

Of course, I couldn't possibly review a Welsh film without tossing in the only whole sentence I know in Welsh: Gofynnwch I'r Ceidwad am Docynnau Tymor!

Playtime (Amser Chwarae), dir. Arwel Gruffydd, 2004 Wales (UK), 10 min., in Welsh & English with English subtitles

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  1. "Playtime" is the title of one of Jacques Tati's masterful comedies -- revered by cinephiles -- and thus a daring choice of title for a newer movie with no apparent connection to the themes explored by Tati.