Monday, June 19, 2006

Go West

Sarajevo, 1992. Two gay lovers, Kenan, a Muslim musician, and Milan, a Serbian student, are caught in the beginnings of the Yugoslavian war of disintegration, and find themselves at the mercy of a militia seeking to summarily execute any circumcised male — presumably a Muslim, since no Christian would be so barbaric as to mutilate his manhood. To escape, Kenan dresses as a woman and takes on the role of Milan's fiancée as they flee to Milan's home town.

The story is rich and compelling, with a balance of humor and pathos. The acting is superb and the cinematography beautiful. Definitely a must-see film.

Go West, dir. Ahmed Imamović, 2005 Bosnia and Herzegovina/Croatia, 97 min., in Bosnian, Serbian & Croatian with English subtitles.

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