Monday, June 19, 2006

The Favor / El Favor

A lesbian couple in Argentina decides they want a baby. Adoption isn't possible, and the idea of an anonymous sperm donor is unappealing, so they decide to enlist the brother of one to impregnate the other. Trouble is, the brother doesn't know his sister is a lesbian, so they can't just ask directly. They concoct an elaborate scheme to get him to participate. Their plans get tangled when the brother — in the city for only one night after four months' absence — invites his fiancée and his prospective business partner to the sister's apartment.

In the initial set-up of the plot, I was so irritated by the characters, especially the sister's lover, that I was ready to strangle them all and walk out of the theatre. However, I stuck it out, and my perseverence was rewarded. Once things get rolling and the audience gets onto the same wavelength as the characters, it's a hilarious ride.

The Favor (El Favor), dir. Pablo Sofovich, 2003 Argentina, 79 min., in Spanish with English subtitles

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