Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Animation Shorts 2019

Animation Shorts shorts program
Saturday, June 29, 1:30 pm, Roxie Theater, 98 minutes total runtime

Entropia, dir. Flóra Anna Buda, 2019, Hungary, 11m • Bay Area Première 👌
Biidaaban (The Dawn Comes), dir. Amanda Strong, 2018, Canada, 19m, in English and in Squamish with English subtitles👌
Docking, dir. Trevor Anderson, 2019, Canada/USA, 4m • Bay Area Première 👍
Les lèvres gercées (Chapped Lips), dirs. Fabien Corre & Kelsi Phung, 2018, France, 5m, in French with subtitles 👍
Sweet Sweet Kink: A Collection of BDSM Stories, dir. Maggie M. Bailey, 2019, USA/Chile, 14m 👍
Topp 3 (Top 3), dir. Sofie Edvardsson, 2019, Sweden, 45m, in Swedish with subtitles • WORLD PREMIÈRE 💖

This visually engrossing animation is clearly an allegory for something, with lots of flies and maggots woven into the story, but I would be hard pressed to verbalize the underlying message or theme. It won a Teddy in Berlin, and it’s worth seeing just for the visuals, but don’t expect to understand what you saw. Recommended. • IMDbtrailer (vimeo) •

Biidaaban (The Dawn Comes)
Biidaaban (The Dawn Comes)
A girl sets out to push back against some of the terrible things happening in the natural world around her, with the help of a few friendly spirits. The film is mostly wordless, with some voiceover poetry in English and small bits of on-screen text in Squamish and English. It’s quite beautiful, although the narrative is sparse, but it’s a bit long and languorous. Recommended.  • IMDb

Docking: In space no one
can hear you cream


In this cute film, we watch an uncircumcised penis floating through space, with the narrator talking about being perpetually single. Even­tu­ally the penis meets up with another uncircumcised penis and undertakes a docking maneuver. Short and sweet, amusing, highly recommended.


Les lèvres gercées (Chapped Lips)
Les lèvres gercées (Chapped Lips) 
A mother and son are trying to open a conversation, but find it difficult to get to the core of what is going on in the boy’s life, with gender identity difficulties at school the mother is not ready to confront. Highly recommended. (Note: this film also screened at QWOCMAP 2019.)

Sweet Sweet Kink
Sweet, Sweet Kink: A Collection of BDSM Stories

Women talk candidly about their introduction to certain flavors of kink/BDSM. The stories are clear and forthright, and they illuminate some of the less-talked-about realms of human sexual expression. Highly recommended.
IMDbofficialteaser trailer (vimeo) •

Topp 3 (Top 3)

Topp Tre
Anton, the first-person narrator, intersperses the story with “Top 3” lists, starting off with “Top 3 idiots that I hate” (#1: the prime minister of Sweden) The story follows the arc of Anton’s relationship with David, from first seeing him in school to the present. It’s full of self-deprecating humor, occasionally breaking the fourth wall, but also filled with the warmth of a highly personal story, giving voice to Anton’s sometimes wild imagination in the course of telling what seems to be mostly a true story. It’s nearly half the length of a full feature film, but the time flies by. Definitely a MUST SEE. • IMDbtrailer (in English) (YouTube) •

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