Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Affinity (Frameline32 opening night)

The Frameline32 San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival opens tomorrow night with Affinity, which the festival program describes as a "delicious period piece ... a women-in-prison movie with a gothic Victorian twist." I should say at the outset that such a description doesn't exactly set my heart going pitty-pat; it's not that I don't go in for lesbian-themed movies, more that I don't go much for gothic Victorian. That said, the acting is beautiful, the sets and costumes flawless, and the story well told. I'd say this one is highly recommended, but bump that to "must see" if the words "gothic Victorian women-in-prison mystery love story" do make your heart sing.

Affinity, dir. Tim Fywell, 2008 UK 94 min.

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  1. This was a lovely film. Just on the brink of must see for me.