Sunday, June 01, 2008

Frameline32 Preview

I've already seen several of the films in this year's Frameline32 LGBT film festival, coming up June 19 – 29, 2008, here in San Francisco. Here are links to my reviews of the ones I saw in Toronto last month, presented in alphabetical order.

How to read these thumbnail reviews: The title links to the Frameline32 page about the film, followed by any additional information about the program. The capsule review links to the full review here on "Film Queen Reviews," followed by the time and venue, the Frameline32 ticket code, and the page reference from the Frameline32 program guide.

Be Like Others, documentary, depressing but important, it's a MUST SEE — just don't expect that you'll leave, feeling cheerful. Mon 6/23 7:00 Victoria BELI23V; pg. 49

Breakfast with Scot, feature, Frameline closing night, Highly recommended. Sun 6/29 7:30 Castro — BREA29C (film only, sold out, rush tix only) or CLOS29C (film + party); pg. 21

Ciao, feature, screens with the short For a Relationship (below), Recommended. Sun 6/22 2:45 Castro CIAO22C; Wed 6/25 9:30 Elmwood CIAO25E; pg. 36

Derek, documentary, Highly recommended. Sun 6/29 4:30 Castro DERE29C; pg. 24

For a Relationship, short, screens with the feature Ciao (above), Recommended. Sun 6/22 2:45 Castro CIAO22C; Wed 6/25 9:30 Elmwood CIAO25E; pg. 36

Happenstance, short in "Fun in Girls' Shorts," Highly recommended, hope for a feature-length version. Sat 6/21 1:30 Castro FUNG21C; Sun 6/29 11:30a Castro FUNG29C; pg. 62

Hello, My Name is Herman, documentary short in "A Gay Old Time," originally part of Toronto's Queer Youth Digital Video Project, Highly recommended. Wed 6/25 4:30 Castro GAYO25C; pg. 62

A Jihad for Love, documentary, subtitled, Frameline showcase, Recommended. Sat 6/28 6:00 Victoria JIHA28V; pg. 25

Were the World Mine, feature, MUST SEE. Tue 6/24 9:30 Elmwood WERE24E; Fri 6/27 6:00 Castro WERE27C; pg. 39

The World Unseen, feature, Frameline showcase, Highly recommended, but don't expect a comedy. Fri 6/20 6:30 Castro WORL20C; Tue 6/24 12:00 Castro WORL24C; pg. 30

XXY, feature, Frameline centerpiece, Toronto InsideOut closing gala, MUST SEE. Tue 6/24 7:00 Castro XXY24C; pg. 20

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