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Dyke Delights (2008)

Menopausal Gals Gone Wild: Who says that only college co-eds get to whoop it up and show some skin? We've got hot flashes! We don't need no steenkin' tampons! It's all in the flavor of those obnoxious late-night TV ads, but with a highly subversive twist — although you can get your MMGW merchandise, including shirts, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, and fridge magnets. Cute and funny, highly recommended
Menopausal Gals Gone Wild, dirs. Donna Marie Nudd & Diane Wilkins, 2007 USA 4 min.

Crafty: an activist with a petition for E.R.T.V.S. — Equal Rights This Very Second — shows up on a woman's doorstep and decides that she wants more than just her signature. It includes such educational gems as the factoid that women in same-sex relationships are 70% less likely to be attacked by sharks. An excellent mix of sex and politics, MUST SEE
Crafty, dir. Erik Gernand, 2008 USA 9 min.

Toi et Moi: dance-offs and drag queens, in a music video style, set in Portland, Oregon, but with really bad French accents. Amusing; recommended
Toi et Moi, dir. Ali Cotterill, 2007 USA 3 min.

Social Conflict Management: a 1950's-style educational film, instructing young people on how to deal with some awkward situations. Cute, well done, highly recommended
Social Conflict Management, dir. Dagny Thompson, 2005 Canada 8 min.

Lezbro: Don't Cha Know: Gay men have their "fag hags," but what do you call a straight man who hangs around with lesbians? He's a lezbro! A fun testament to cross-community harmony, highly recommended
LezBro: Don't Cha Know, dirs. Melinda Bagatelos & Dara Sklar, 2008 USA 10 min.

A Work in Progress: two writers with a past are thrown together to work on a project, with cinematic nods to D.E.B.S. and Go Fish. Highly recommended
A Work in Progress, dir. Keshia Coe, 2008 USA 8 min.

Worst Case Scenario: Femme Edition: How do you, as a femme dyke, get that butch dyke to notice you? This black-and-white Super-8 instructional film will get you started. "Oh, didn't I see you at Moist Wet Pussysnatch [club]?" Very funny, MUST SEE
Worst-Case Scenario: Femme Edition, dir. Mary Guzman, 2008 USA 5 min.

Op. by Invis. HandsOperated by Invisible Hands: Two dolls come to terms with the existential angst around feeling like you're being controlled by an unseen force, as if your life isn't your own and you have no free will. Brilliant script, hilarious, MUST SEE
Operated by Invisible Hands, dir. Nicole Brending, 2007 USA 7 min.

Love Sucks: For two lesbian vampires, it can be a real challenge to keep the relationship fresh, even with some help from a couples counselor, especially when they're trying to be socially responsible vampires, keeping live feedings to a minimum. Funny, well done, highly recommended
Love Sucks, dirs. Ingrid Jungermann & Sara Winters, 2008 USA 10 min.

Sheep & Ranch HandThe Sheep and the Ranch Hand: A Sexyqueer Love Story: You'll never hear the words "rack of lamb" quite the same way again, not to mention "C'mere, ewe!" A woman dreams of being a sheep, shacking up with a female ranch hand. Lots of little touches, several laugh-out-loud moments, MUST SEE
The Sheep and the Ranch Hand: A Sexyqueer Love Story, dir. Loretta Hintz, 2008 USA 14 min.

King County: The challenge: find a bad 80's movie to turn into a Broadway-style stage musical for a Seattle audience. How about Top Gun as performed by butch lesbians? Or maybe an all-bear version of Showgirls. Fun, well done, highly recommended
King County, dir. David Quantic, 2007 USA 7 min.

The Vicious & the Delicious: An Australian soap opera, with some over-the-top plot twists, including a whole new meaning to "I'll rip your throat out!" It drags on a bit long, though, and not all of the gags work. No recommendation.
The Vicious & the Delicious, dir. Tonnette Stanford, 2007 Australia 11 min.

"Dyke Delights" (2008) (shorts program)

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