Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mom, I Didn't Kill Your Daughter
(אמא, לא הרגתי את הבת שלך)

Saturday, June 21, 3:45 pm, Roxie Theatre, screened with The Perfect Man

Lior is a transman, beginning the medi­cal transition process, taking hormones, getting ready for top surgery. His mother is still unsure how to handle having a son when she raised a daughter, unable to fathom how natural and profoundly self-affirming the change is for him. We see Lior go back to his home town, meeting some of his old friends as a man for the first time; they are surprised and a bit unsure of what this all means, but he impresses upon them that what is at stake is not merely his happiness but his very life. At the same time, Lior's boyfriend Yoav (Yuval?), also a transman, is a reluctant trailblazer in the process of legally changing his gender on his identity papers — a first in Israel. A compelling portrait of two ordinary guys compelled by circumstances to take up extraordinary lives. MUST SEE

Mom, I Didn't Kill Your Daughter (אמא, לא הרגתי את הבת שלך), dir. Orna Ben Dor, 2007 Israel 50 min., in Hebrew with English subtitles

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Note: different sources list Lior's boyfriend as either Yoav or Yuval; I don't know which is correct.


  1. It's Yuval, not Yoav.

  2. Interesting. Both Frameline and "Israel in the Bay Area" have it as Yoav, but the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival has Yuval.