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Frameline32 cross-reference

Affinity (Frameline32 opening night)
All My Life
Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild! (Frameline showcase)
The Art of Being Straight
Be Like Others (documentary) MUST SEE
Big Eden (retrospective) MUST SEE
Bound (retrospective)
Breakfast with Scot (Frameline closing night)
Buddy G
Byron Chief Moon: Grey Horse Rider
Derek (documentary, Frameline showcase) Highly recommended
Dottie's Magic Pockets
Drifting Flowers (Piao Lang Qing Chun) (漂浪青春)
Dyke Delights (2008) (shorts program)
Electroshock (A Love to Keep)
Envisioning Justice: the journey of a transgenderered woman
Fairytale of Kathmandu
Les feluettes (Lilies) (retrospective) MUST SEE
Gewoon Liefde (Simply Love)
It's STILL Elementary (documentary) MUST SEE
Japan Japan (יפאן יפאן)
A Jihad for Love (documentary, Frameline showcase)
The Kinsey Sicks: Almost Infamous
Law of Desire (La Ley del deseo) (retrospective) MUST SEE
La Léon
La Ley del deseo (Law of Desire) (retrospective) MUST SEE
Lilies (Les feluettes) (retrospective) MUST SEE
The Lost Coast
A Love to Keep (Electroshock)
Mala Noche (retrospective)
Manuela y Manuel, MUST SEE
Mom, I Didn't Kill Your Daughter (אמא, לא הרגתי את הבת שלך), MUST SEE
The New World (Le nouveau monde)
Le nouveau monde (The New World)
Oh Happy Day
On the Other Hand, Death
Out in India: a family's journey
Over Da Rainbow
Pansy Division: Life in a Gay Rock Band
The Perfect Man
Piao Lang Qing Chun (Drifting Flowers) (漂浪青春)
The Polymath, or the life and opinions of Samuel R. Delany, Gentleman
Ready? OK!
Ruby Blue (Frameline showcase) MUST SEE
Saturn in Opposition (Saturno contro)
Saturno contro (Saturn in Opposition)
She's a Boy I Knew (documentary) MUST SEE
Sikil (Unspoken Passion)
Simply Love (Gewoon Liefde)
Sordid Lives (tv series preview)
Steam (dir. Kyle Schickner) MUST SEE
Tru Loved (Frameline showcase)
U People (documentary) MUST SEE
Unspoken Passion (Sikil)
Were the World Mine, MUST SEE
When I Knew (documentary, Frameline showcase)
U People (documentary) MUST) MUST SEE
Wild Combination: a portrait of Arthur Russell
Word is Out: Stories of Some of Our Lives (documentary, Frameline showcase) MUST SEE
The World Unseen (Frameline showcase) Highly recommended
XXY (Frameline centerpiece) MUST SEE
סרט חובה • MUST SEE (Mom, I Didn't Kill Your Daughter) אמא, לא הרגתי את הבת שלך
(Japan Japan) יפאן יפאן
漂浪青春 (Piao Lang Qing Chun) (Drifting Flowers)

Shorts programs:
Fun in Boys' Shorts (2008) (shorts program)
Fun in Girls' Shorts (2008) (shorts program)
Transtastic (shorts program)
Worldly Affairs (2008) (shorts program)
The Young and Evil (shorts program)

Short films by title:
Alonso's Deadline, "The Young and Evil"
Babysitting Andy, "Fun in Boys' Shorts"
Baggage, "The Young and Evil"
Bend It, "Transtastic"
Benni Has 2 Mothers, "Fun in Girls' Shorts"
The Bond (documentary), "Transtastic" MUST SEE
Bongo Bong, "Fun in Boys' Shorts"
Bonne Mère, "Worldly Affairs"
Bramadero, "Worldly Affairs"
Café com Leite (You, Me and Him), "Worldly Affairs"
Congratulations, Daisy Graham, "A Gay Old Time"
Country Life (Landleben) (Vie champetre), "Worldly Affairs" MUST SEE
The Cousin (El Primo), "The Young and Evil"
Crafty, "Dyke Delights" MUST SEE
Dolls (short), "The Young and Evil" MUST SEE
Donkey Girl, "Fun in Girls' Shorts"
Donny & Ginger, "Transtastic"
Downstream (Im Fluß) (documentary), "A Gay Old Time"
Duck Soup, "Fun in Girls' Shorts"
El Primo (The Cousin), "The Young and Evil"
En el Instituto (In the High School), "Fun in Boys' Shorts"
Felicia (documentary), "Transtastic"
For a Relationship, screened with Ciao, Recommended
Forever's Gonna Start Tonight (documentary), "A Gay Old Time"
Forever's Gonna Start Tonight (documentary), "Transtastic"
Happenstance, "Fun in Girls' Shorts"
Hello, My Name is Herman, documentary, "A Gay Old Time"
HerzHaft, "Worldly Affairs" MUST SEE
Hirsute, "Fun in Boys' Shorts"
How Do I Say This? I'm Gay!, "Fun in Girls' Shorts" MUST SEE
Im Fluß (Downstream) (documentary), "A Gay Old Time"
In the High School (En el Instituto), "Fun in Boys' Shorts"
Just Me? (documentary), "A Gay Old Time" MUST SEE
King County, "Dyke Delights"
Landleben (Vie champetre) (Country Life), "Worldly Affairs" MUST SEE
The Last Visit, "A Gay Old Time"
Lezbro: Don't Cha Know, "Dyke Delights"
Lloyd Neck, "The Young and Evil"
Lot's Wife, "Worldly Affairs"
Love Sucks, "Dyke Delights"
Maggots and Men, "Transtastic" [not reviewed]
Mars, "The Young and Evil"
Menopausal Gals Gone Wild, "Dyke Delights"
Mirror Mirror, "A Gay Old Time"
No Bikini, "Fun in Girls' Shorts" [not reviewed]
Operated by Invisible Hands, "Dyke Delights" MUST SEE
Overstuff, "Fun in Boys' Shorts"
Pages of a Girl (Páginas de Menina), "Fun in Girls' Shorts" MUST SEE
Páginas de Menina (Pages of a Girl), "Fun in Girls' Shorts" MUST SEE
Pat's First Kiss, "Fun in Boys' Shorts"
Pitstop, "Fun in Girls' Shorts" MUST SEE
The Postcard, "Worldly Affairs"
The Premiere, "Fun in Girls' Shorts"
The Role I Was Born to Play, "Transtastic" [not reviewed]
Screening Party, "Fun in Boys' Shorts"
The Sheep and the Ranch Hand: A Sexyqueer Love Story, "Dyke Delights" MUST SEE
Silver Road, "Fun in Boys' Shorts"
Sistole/Diastole (Systolic/Diastolic), "A Gay Old Time"
Social Conflict Management, "Dyke Delights"
Souljah, "The Young and Evil"
Systolic/Diastolic (Sistole/Diastole), "A Gay Old Time"
, "Worldly Affairs"
Thorn in Your Side (documentary), "Transtastic"
Toi et Moi, "Dyke Delights"
The Touch, "Fun in Girls' Shorts"
TRANSforming Healthcare (documentary), "Transtastic" MUST SEE
Unca Trans, "Transtastic"
The Vicious & the Delicious, "Dyke Delights"
Vie champetre (Landleben) (Country Life), "Worldly Affairs" MUST SEE
The Window, "Fun in Boys' Shorts"
A Work in Progress, "Dyke Delights"
Worst Case Scenario: Femme Edition, "Dyke Delights" MUST SEE
You, Me and Him (Café com Leite), "Worldly Affairs"
The Young and Evil (short), "The Young and Evil"

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