Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tru Loved

Frameline32 Showcase Film
Saturday, June 21, 4:00 pm, Castro Theatre, TRUL21C
Wednesday, June 25, 12:00 noon, Castro Theatre, TRUL25C

Tru (short for Gertrude, "as in Stein") has to move from San Francisco to the boring, homophobic Los Angeles suburb of Agoura Hills, when one of her moms gets an irresistible job offer. Tru occupies herself with fantasies of living in a 50's sitcom family (still with two moms, of course). From day one, taken as a dyke/freak, she doesn't fit in with her new school, until Lodell, the quarterback of the football team, shows a sudden interest. Throw in Martin, the "class fag," who teams up with Tru to start a Gay-Straight Alliance, and Trevor, an enthusiastic GSA member who holds a few surprises of his own. [photo: Walter (Tye Olson), Lodell (Matthew Thompson), Trevor (Jake Abel), Tru (Najarra Townsend)]

Two quick pull quotes:
[English teacher]: On a historical footnote, more and more things are being found out about the Montagues, specifically Lady Montague, who was the wife and Romeo's mother. Not too many people know this, but she was lactose intolerant.

Tru: Please don't tell me that you're an axe-murderer, now that we're speeding away from home at 70 miles an hour.
Lodell: We're only goin' 65.

Great fun, and some wonderful supporting roles and cameos for some very familiar faces — Nichelle Nichols (Uhura from Star Trek), Jane Lynch (Best in Show), comedian Bruce Vilanch, Jasmine Guy (A Different World), and David Kopay (first openly gay pro football player, back in 1977). Definitely not your run-of-the-mill coming out/coming of age story. MUST SEE

Tru Loved, dir. Stewart Wade, 2007 USA 99 min., view trailer

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  1. I agree. This film was quite a treat. While I wish it were better made, I certainly enjoyed it and laughed quite a lot. I particularly enjoyed the female characters in this piece. They were written with more warmth and humor than some of the other films I've seen at the festival so far.

  2. Najarra Townsend is such an amazing talent. I hope that she goes far in her career. I had a chance to chat with her during the New York premiere of Tru Loved.

    You can read the interview here or on